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Dangling for Deep Water Trout

​I have just come across a fascinating article on fly-fishing for trout in water more than 20 feet deep. The author suggests using sinking line and dangling coronoids just above the bottom vegetation.

 Do You Dangle? – by Phil Rowley  

Posted on April 26, 2016 by rioproducts

The traditional method of fly-fishing deep water is to use a super-long leader and a slipping strike indicator. This rig can cause tangles in casting. When I used this technique in British Columbia to fish for Kamloops rainbows, it was effective in water to 20 feet but impossible in deeper water.  The floating line makes it impossible to get the flies down any deeper. A leader of more than 20 feet is impossible to cast.

Dangling a sinking line directly below the boat solves the casting problem. Great solution. It can work for any situation where fish are found in deep water.


Check out this article by clicking on the blue box.