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Angler's Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park

by Les and Kimball Beery

$22.95 paperback

    $7.95 eBook

Fly Fishing the Southern Rockies: Small Streams and Wild Places

by  Paul B Downing

​              ISBN: 978-0-9817336-1-6          214 pages full color

​Discovering Small Streams in Wild Places

The southern Rocky Mountains have some of the best-known trout fishing streams in the country. As Paul traveled to these famous streams, however, he noticed many smaller streams that looked mighty inviting. What could be found in those pretty places? Paul set out to explore these small streams. He found was a treasure of fine trout fishing largely ignored by fly fishers. Picture a stream, no more than 20 feet wide, bounded by tall trees as it tumbles through a valley. Traveling up the dirt road through the valley, questions abound. Where does this road end? Are there trout in this stream? Where can I fish? Will I be successful? Paul has traveled these roads and found the answers. Studying the DeLorme Maps led him to many of the streams. A friend or guide mentioned others. Some were found by looking at a mountain range and wondering what was in those valleys. Off Paul would go on an adventure, never knowing what would be found. Not all streams live up to their promise. Paul has spent years visiting and revisiting these small streams. In this book, he offers you detailed information on those streams he has found to be special. Learn where, when and how to fish his special places.

Join Paul as he carefully directs you to his "special places" in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. Fish for rainbows, browns, brookies and cutthroats. You will not only catch fish, but you will be in some if the most beautiful country in the West. 

 What Others Say

"Your attention to detail is admirable. Without your reassurance there are good spots to fish at the end of your long dirt roads, most anglers would turn around early" Les and Kimball Beery, authors of Angler's Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park.

" a treasure hunt for all fly fishers who enjoy out-of-the-way spots" JimOthrow, Avid Fly Fisher

"Made me want to grab a pole and go fishing." Carol Cunningham, Wildlife Artist.

               ISBN: 978-0-615-48358-0            60 pages              $19.95 waterproof spiral-bound 

Like Having A Personal Guide In Your Pocket!

If you are thinking of hiking into Rocky Mountain National Park, and may fish along the way, you definitely need this book. Printed on waterproof stock, this guide is indestructible, helpful on overnight camping trips and rainy days. Having explored the Park for many years, the Beerys know every nook and cranny. Amazing how much knowledge they have packed into this compact guide. Select a lake...the book tells you how to get there; how far the hike is and how much elevation is gained along the way. Upon getting there, the guide tells you where to stand on the shore for the best chance at a fish; when fishing is best, and what flies to use. It even offers detailed instructions on how to rig your spinning rod with a bubble float if you are not into fly fishing. A wealth of knowledge in your pocket!​

About the Authors...

Les and Kimball Beery have lived in Estes Park, Colorado for many years. Rocky Mountain National Park is their back yard. They have hiked and fished this wonderful Park for all those years. There is nobody more knowledgeable about the trails and the fishing.

Other Books You May Enjoy

The Kelly Creek Chronicles

byColbert E. Cushing

​Join Cush and his friends as they spend 18 years getting to know Kelly Creek. Play tag with a moose. Watch river otters cavort in a crystal green pool. Tempt finicky trout one year and catch more fish than you can count the next. Share a campfire and a goumet meal with close friends, and feel the loss as one old friend does not return. This is fascinating reading about fly fishing for wild cutthroat trout in a pristine stream. Through his recollections of events, the author shares with you his infatuation with Kelly Creek. Long before you finish reading this thoughtful book, you will be smitten too.

               ISBN: 0-9625311-7-0                                   86 pages  Illlustrated                                         $15.95 

What Others Say...

The author first told me about Kelly Creek and, as he puts it in this beautiful book, his unabashed love affair of 18 years, when he gave me a ride to a scientific meeting in Montana. We talked about science and life, but most of all we talked about rivers and trout fishing; there was pleasure in his eyes. I've never been to Kelly Creek, but I think I know a lot about this special place. The author is a recognized scientist, but he doesn't try to impres the reader with a lot of Latin names of insects; in fact, there aren't any! In this book are nearly two decades of memories of friends, of particularly good stream days, and everything associated with those good days - not just fish. So, here's to Kelly Creek and here's to the Kelly Creeks we all search for. Dave Penrose, Aquatic Ecologist.


Cushing's admitted 18 year infactuation with this stream is thoughtfully recounted in this book. Drawing from journals he kept, the author has reconstructed each visit, from the first trip of discovery in 1981, to the nostalgic last trip in 1998. He lovingly recounts events, friends, and the fishing. He writes in an easy and conversational style. Sharing his memories will bring back those of your own Kelly Creek, past friends, and good times. All anglers have them and it does us good to recall them from time to time. Cushing knows Kelly Creek, and he misses it. Austin Condon, U.S. Forest Service (retired ) and angler. 

About the Author...

Colbert E. Cushing is a retired stream ecologist and avid fly fisherman. He has studied streams throughout the United States and Canada, including Alaska. He recently co-authored the popular book Streams: Their Ecology and Life to help anglers, naturalists, conservationists, and other interested laymen understand how streams and rivers function. He lectures widely to fly fishing clubs and student/teacher groups and teaches summer courses in stream ecology at Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain National Parks. ​

Handbook of Western Fly Fishing

byPaul B. Downing

An avid fly fisher, freelance writer and conservationist, Paul Downing now shares his extensive knowledge of fly fishing western waters from the Rocky Mountains throughout the west and up to Alaska. Learn techniques for successful fly fishing and some of Paul's favorite fishing locations in the west. 

                   ISBN: 0-9625311-6-2                                   225 pages  Illlustrated                                         $19.95 

What Others Say:    Paul Downing has meticulously recorded his fishing journeys. Every fly fisher...will find something of value in this book. -- Brian McKinley, Outdoor Writer. 

Paul Downing, a member of the Alpine Anglers Chapter in Estes Park, has made a very valuable addition to our fly fishing libraries with his new book. In some 225 pages he covers an immense amount of ground; from Taos to Fairbanks, with frequent stops along the way to touch on entomology, tackle, techniques, memories, favorite spots, and much, much more - even (gasp) pike. He includes a trememdous bibliography of source material for the armchair angler along with a well-chosen selection of black-and-white photographs. I especially liked his comments on rod weights and fly patterns in that he avoids the glitzy and focuses on the standards that have been proven over time. Paul writes with an elegant yet very readable style. When you cannot get to the stream because of weather, family or the job, this volume will do well as a substitute. This will quickly become a favorite resource for the experienced western fisherman seeking new waters and it will make a superb present for your eastern fishing buddy who is contemplating his first western fishing trip.  Rocky Mountain Streamside, Harry B. Ledyard reviewer, Summer 2001