My retirement from Florida State University coincided with the move to Colorado. It was then that I started writing fishing articles. The first appeared in Flyfishing & Tying Journal in 1989. I became a free lance writer for Fly Fisherman, Northwest and Southwest Fly Fishing, American Angler, and Fly Fish America. After a bit I was asked to become the Rocky Mountain Region Editor for Fly Fish America. At about that time I also became a regular contributor to Colorado Fishing & Hunting News and its affiliated magazines. Following many requests for insight into western waters I wrote Handbook of Western Flyfishing (Majestic Press, 2001, ISBN:0-9625311-6-2 - $19.95.) 

I continually moved about the country fishing (and still do). It was, after all, WORK. I had to gather information for all those articles. Somehow, nobody seemed to believe that I was working...when on a fishing trip. 

I have been to some wonderful places over my years of travel. It will be my pleasure to share them, and many new locations, with you through these pages. As the site progresses, I will add other writers who share my love of fishing and the exciting natural wonders experienced along the way.

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When deciding to move from Florida to Colorado, never did I expect my life to change so dramatically.  Suddenly I was only five minutes from exciting trout water...The Big Thompson River in Estes Park. I renewed my love for fly fishing. Now this is not to say I had not fished before. I started fishing in grade school. My father taught me to fly fish for bass and blue gills in the lakes around Milwaukee. Shortly, I became enamoured of fly tying and produced my own bass poppers. Over the next few years I started to use spinning gear as well. My university years found me fishing bass lakes; then subsequently the salt waters of the Gulf of Mexico using whatever worked.