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Selling Our Public Land

Americans overwhelmingly support federal public lands. These members of Congress don’t care.

Check out this article about 20 Congressmen who seek to sell our public land. Click on blue box. 

Keeping Public Lands Public

Check  out my article on why we should keep public land public. 

Emerging Caddis Pattern

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Canyon Creek, AZ 

Most fly fishers giver little thought to fly fishing for wild trout in Arizona. If they do, they think of Lees Ferry. While Lees Ferry is a great place to fish, there are many more streams in Arizona that offer fun fishing for wild trout. Here is one of my favorites. 

Trout Rise Forms

​A trout rise to the surface, obviously feeding on something. Is it a dry fly or a emerging nymph? How can you tell. By its rise form. Many of the trout that you think are taking surface flies are really feeding below the surface. This fascinating article tell us how to analyze trout rise forms to determine if the fish is feeding on the surface or just below it. Rise forms can also suggest what type of bug the fish is feeding on. 

In the past I have not been a big fan of fly fishing videos. Most I find on you tube are obviously made by amateurs. However, I have now found two great videos that will get your fly fishing juices flowing. One is from the South Island of New Zealand. This magnificent country is often fished by flying into the mountains with a helicopter. Watch huge trout rise to dry flies in crystal clear water. It is a thrill. 

The second video follows a fly fisher on a small stream in Montana during a PMD hatch. I am ready to go. 

Click on the blue box to view the video. 

Grand Mesa, CO

The Grand Mesa offers so many outstanding fishing lakes in such a small area it is truly mind blowing. Fish for cutthroats, rainbows, browns, and brook trout on scenic lakes, some remote, some right next to the roads. Small boats or personal watercraft are often helpful but there are many places where you can do well just fishing from shore.

My New Book

Just Published

 Fly Fishing the Southern Rockies: Small Streams and Wild Places

In my travels through the Rockies I have come to love the small streams hidden in steep valleys with beautiful scenery. I have selected my favorites from Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming for this book. Come with me to visit these outstanding and out of the way fisheries filled with wild trout. Go to for a preview and to order ebook or print book.

Wade Fishing Stump Pass, FL

Wade fishing Stump Pass is one of the author's favorite places to wade fish in SW Florida. The beach adjacent to the parking area has a trough between the shore and the first bar out. A feature some locals like is the shell bottom near the north boundary of the park. This shell will hold sheepshead and black drum most of the winter. The best flounder habitat